Libertarian Observer is a blend of news, opinion, and general commentary relating to various issues in the United States, focusing primarily on personal and economic liberties.  We strive to create content that engages our readers and allows them to approach current events with a radically different view than what our present two-party system puts forward.

Libertarianism is a broad belief that holds people ought to be free to make their own choices and conduct business in the way of their choosing, with minimal interference from the government.  Voluntary association, freedom of choice, and non-aggression are some of the hallmarks of the libertarian philosophy.  Libertarians seek to reduce the size and scope of government and put power back into the hands of the people.  The best choices come not from government, but from individuals who seek to better themselves and their communities every day.

Libertarian Observer is not associated with the Libertarian Party in the United States.  While we share many positions and have much common ground, Libertarian Observer prides itself on being an independent voice in the libertarian movement.